Canadian indie-rocker King of Foxes has a new video for her song Backsliders, which features the colorful and slightly wistful aesthetic of an 80’s-era bowling alley. Set against the lyrical theme of coming-of-age social awkwardness, she builds a satisfying hook with  a strong, uptempo rock-feel.

The color palette is a suitably washed-out set of earth-tones, from the creamy off-white of the vinyl-covered stalls to the faux-fur, the secondhand-store outfits, and the other carefully-assembled relics of the era. Coupled with the recurring symbol of backsliding, which Webster’s defines simply as a ‘moral lapse’, we are left with the vague and dreamy sense of a past that maybe we didn’t finish learning from.

Backsliders is a fun and bouncy indie-rock single that makes a statement about keeping our own selves in check, and taking a moment for introspection.

King of Foxes has drawn comparisons to Alvvways, Juliana Hatfield, and Rilo Kiley, while retaining her own edgy and playful persona. This song is featured on our CHILL New Songwriters playlist.