Nostalgic Indie Rock from Portland, Maine. - Kidhimself: Hooked on You

Nostalgic Indie Rock from Portland, Maine. - Kidhimself: Hooked on You

Last year, Kidhimself's debut single "Sorry" was crowned Portland, Maine's song of the year by the Portland Press Herald. He is back in 2020 with newest single "Hooked on You," a punchy song about losing your sense of control to the grip of infatuation.

The story: a wallflower meets his match in a girl who is unafraid, outgoing, and willing to take the time to get to know him. Slowly he is able to acknowledge the force of his own desire, but it is too late; the love is gone. As the heartbreak sets in, the memories feel like dream, and his melancholy turns to obsession. Why do we always take the best things in life for granted?

Kidhimself was born in a small coastal town in Maine where he connected with his passion for songwriting at a young age. There, amidst the trees and coastal fog, he discovered a musical aesthetic that was fun and light hearted, but also touched with hint of darkness. A syncopated beat, a sticky melody, and a starry-eyed sense of nostalgia elevate this indie-rock pop gem into a broad confessional about the ruthlessness of love. Sometimes, love is the drug that we can't quit.

"Hooked on You" was written and preformed by Kidhimself and produced by Thomas Larosa and Slumbo Labs. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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