Kelsy Karter - Harry

A deep and satisfying fantasy about eating pancakes, a la Styles. Probably naked.

Kelsy Karter - Harry

Kiwi rock-punk Kelsy Karter drops a single that reaches new levels of personal statement and confident directive. Beyond the amazing vocal performance from Karter, with echoes of a young Mick Jagger, but also showcasing a similar quality of range and sexy-cool as her fellow national, Gin Wigmore, the song itself is as complex as a high-stakes Hollywood love affair.

A bit of sexual inspiration is punctuated with the trappings of throwback sensibility, period ruffle-sleeves, and the vital punk-heart of I-don’t-give-a-fuck. The Harry of mention here is none other than mega-star Styles of One Direction, and it’s clear the attraction is a sizzler. Where this goes, no one can say, but the feeling right now is pure satisfaction.

“It wasn’t drugs, could be love
but it’s probably sex
I’m thinking about you”— Kelsy Karter

It’s that feeling of anticipation, and of giving yourself up to the moment. One also gets the sense of balancing on the blade of a knife, like anything can happen. Harry, the new single from Kelsy Karter, is a deep and satisfying fantasy about eating pancakes, a la Styles. Probably naked.

Harry. I’m gonna make you love me. You’re gonna make me breakfast.

Harry is taken from Kelsy Karter's debut project, Songs For The Rocketship, which is set for release in March. It was co-written with Anthony Rossomondo and Tony Esterly. This song is featured on our flagship Indie Rock playlist.


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