Nostalgic Folk Pop from Kent. - Katie Kittermaster: Sunday Afternoon

Nostalgic Folk Pop from Kent. - Katie Kittermaster: Sunday Afternoon

Katie Kittermaster is an 18 year old singer songwriter from Kent. She has opened for Jools Holland, Olly Murs, Louisa Johnson and most recently Ronan Keating.

Katie is heading off on tour with Boyzlife in September, playing dozens of dates throughout the UK. On her new single Sunday Afternoon, her fresh acoustic groove is the uplifting tribute to a day spent reminiscing about, or with, your favorite person. Her lead vocal feels effortless and poignant, as she delivers a performance that feels both nostalgic and exciting. With a breakdown that feels like pure vulnerability, Kittermaster paints a landscape of hopeless romance, and innocent exploration. Sunday Afternoon is a soothing tribute to the easy spiritual connection that can exist between lovers.

I mean, you make me feel
like I can't breathe
and all I see is stars

Katie Kittermaster was born in Kent, and during her teens, moved to Dubai for 3 years, where she was lucky and talented enough to sing live on MBC, the country's largest TV channel. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.


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