Fusing the pithy lyricism of Joni Mitchell with the 90s-era light rock of her childhood, Kathryn Hallberg treats us to a moment of honest reflection: we can't change the past, but we can waste a life apologizing for it. Better to explore the feelings we are afraid to have, and put idle questions to rest.

Hallberg’s voice and production are unmistakably dreamy and open, and despite a lyrical persona that is occasionally informed by a dramatic pathos, her sound celebrates the synergy between optimism and possibility. The title track to Kathryn Hallberg's new EP Some Dreams is a deep dive into the science of regret, and a long walk through the wistful corridors of what could have been. Hallberg paints a vulnerable portrait with the twin brushes of clean electric guitar and an urgently emotive lead vocal. We are finally letting go of a mentality that is stuck in rewind, and it doesn't just feel good - it feels right.

Always wondering how it’d be if I’d have stayed with you
I never imagined what love would cost to lose
Maybe some dreams ain’t worth coming true

Kathryn Hallberg is a singer and songwriter that was born in Los Angeles, raised in Houston, who is now based in Nashville. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

photo credit: Libby Danforth