On her new single "The Cycle," Kate Vogel works through 13 years of child abuse, and decided that she will be the last one in her bloodline to suffer. Trauma is passed down from generation to generation until someone decides to heal, and for her, that moment is now.

Raised by the internet, at age 16, Vogel relocated to Nashville and began co-writing, performing, and recording her first record. Sharing the fate of too many women before her, Vogel’s ambitions came to an abrupt halt when she fell victim to a predator in the industry, and subsequently stopped singing for 9 years. A decade later, inspired by the solidarity of the #MeToo movement, Vogel found the strength to explore a difficult and personal truth. Now she is a survivor, creating music for survivors: raw and intimate, Vogel’s music captures the metamorphosis of unimaginable pain into the beauty of hope. Her captivating vocal performance combines a natural and effortless soprano with the details of a life spent making sense of tragic destiny. With "The Cycle," Kate Vogel delivers a sobering assessment of how to evolve beyond the confines of circumstance, and offers a blueprint for anyone that struggles to process emotional hardship without falling victim to a sense of helpless victimhood.

This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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