Groovy Electro Jams for Fans of Shallou. - Kaption: Emotional

Groovy Electro Jams for Fans of Shallou. - Kaption: Emotional

Kaption is a DJ and producer based in Sydney. "Emotional" is his latest offering, a rhythmic pop-confection that came together in a collaboration with singer Kyan Palmer.

Kaption's musical journey started with a remix of "In Da Club," an all-time crowd pleaser. Combining smooth vocals and a big drum mix, his releases cover the distance between electro pop and downtempo, with elements of auto-tune meeting a powerful, dance-friendly production aesthetic. "Emotional" captures the sense of personal shame that often comes from being vulnerable - having real feelings can feel like a burden, and at times we feel like excising our own humanness in the name of tranquility. This track explores the juxtaposition of heartbreak with a search for deliverance, and lays down a groove that borrows equally from Shallou and Wingtip.

And when the sun goes down my loneliness comes out
Been broken
Been lost
I’m down on your curse
Been played like a fool

Check out the new remix from CS:

And here is the original track:

This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.

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