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Soul / UK / mp3

RnB Meets Soul from this London Duo. - Listen to Ka-Li: KUDOS

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
RnB Meets Soul from this London Duo. - Listen to Ka-Li: KUDOS

With this kind R&B-flavored soul, so much of the magic comes from the kick drum and the bass line. The groove here is bouncy AF, and it is a smooth and slightly-jazzed vibe.

The vocals are a beautiful dose of simple purity, as the verses sparkle with positivity, and the chorus is made hooky with just a little extra energy from the bass. The result is a soul-pop burner, with funky undertones from the rhythm section, and a wide open space for Indigo Lily to showcase her considerable vocal talent.

KUDOS, the latest from Ka-Li’s upcoming debut release, joins a throwback ‘verb-y Rhodes with some swing and a deep sense of happiness.

Ka-Li represents the ongoing creative collaboration between the London-based producer, Sam Posener and soulful singer/songwriter, Indigo Lily. This song is featured on Lost Treasure - Soul playlist.