Growing up in the Bronx, Daniel Pulver – known to the world as Judah Holiday – began playing drums at age seven, then moved on to guitar to explore his natural affinity for melody. He wrote his first song when he was 14, and began gigging at iconic Lower East Side venues like CBGB Gallery, Crash Mansion, 169 Bar, and Recoup Lounge.

In 2011, Judah Holiday made his way south to Miami, which ignited a fascination with electronic dance music; he soon immersed himself in sound production and introduced a whole new vitality into his sound. All That I Got Tonight is a perfect example of his unflinching honesty and life-affirming lyrics, with a chorus groove that pays homage to the dance music of Miami. Holiday lays down a powerful message - that the best is yet to come, and anything is possible. With a deeply satisfying hook all are welcome at this celebration of love, companionship, and sobriety.

The sun feels good through the window
Hearing my song on the radio

This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.