Josie Dunne came up with this folk-inspired alternate version of her pop-hit Same while noodling on her ukulele, just before a show in Nashville. Her dreamy fingerpicking pattern might remind you of Iron & Wine, while the endearing melody and lyrical theme will have you itching to fall in love.

While not exactly a music video, the simple visual of a hand-drawn Josie on bicycle with a bird floating behind is a perfectly appropriate backdrop for listening to this lovers’ shorthand for the rapture of companionship. The gorgeous simplicity of form begets this colorful limbo as a metaphor for life itself: the wheels keep turning, and the stars go by, but we don’t really get anywhere. As if to say - when you don’t have love, you’re just somebody on a bicycle.

Josie Dunne is a singer and songwriter based in Nashville, represented by Atlantic Records. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.