Acoustic Ballad from Nashville Explores Emotional Isolation. - Josie Dunne: Lost (Music Video)

Acoustic Ballad from Nashville Explores Emotional Isolation. - Josie Dunne: Lost (Music Video)

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Josie Dunne has announced the release of her eagerly anticipated new EP "Late Teens / Early Twenties," which is available now via Atlantic Records on all streaming services. "Lost" features a music video that was directed by Joey Brodnax and was filmed from the comfort of Josie’s home in Nashville.

"Lost" is at its core an acoustic ballad that explores Dunne's coming of age, delivered through the introspective lens of quarantine-stipulated social distancing, coupled with her delicate and inspired vocal delivery. Dunne's natural lyricism cuts to the heart of young adulthood with equal parts nervous anticipation and casual rebellion. As Dunne sorts out her own feelings about personal responsibility and the incipient need for status and recognition, she leaves us all with something to learn about a modern landscape of conflicting priorities that so often leads to emotional paralysis. With new single "Lost," Josie Dunne is at her melodic and self-deprecating best - in her humble state of self-examination, she speaks for an entire generation that has given up an irreplaceable innocence with little to show for the loss.

Feel small when I wear big clothes
Feel old on my birthday
Feel like if I use big words then
You won't think I feel that way

Dunne has gained many new fans from a recent string of festival appearances and support runs alongside such artists as Ben Rector, Andy Grammer, and Julia Michaels. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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