Joshua Radin was born and raised in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and turned to music when he moved to New York City and his father bought him a guitar. In 2004, a few of his songs were used in the NBC show Scrubs, which set him up to tour the world many times over with acts like Sheryl Crow, Meiko, and Gary Jules.

Not that it matters much, but yes, broughten is a word - 'nonstandard', says Merriam Webster. We'll take it.

This kind of melodic folk pop has made a big comeback in recent years, with artists like William Fitzsimmons and Passenger continuing the tradition of combining rich emotional imagery with a tangible sense of vulnerability. Joshua Radin emotes for the universe itself, striking a hopeful and redemptive chord about companionship so that we all might understand ourselves just a bit better.

I'm here right now, not lost but found
And everything I've done has broughten me to you

Preview the title track from Joshua Radin's upcoming full length album, out early October.

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