With a soft-spoken folk affect that might remind you a bit of Luke Sital-Singh, or William Fitzsimmons, the lead vocal here does a great job of extending the sense of percussive anticipation. A long and slow build is just what you might expect from the new Josh Tobias single Follow the River.

Latching on to the current trend of mellow self-reflection, the lyrics here cover the full human experience from self-discovery all the way through to the meaning of life. Not bad for 4 minutes.

We gotta be patient, to get to the ocean
but this is where we begin: just follow the river

This gorgeous Americana-inspired track undulates between an orchestral drum groove and a simple acoustic guitar. Enjoy.

Hailing from Long Island (NY), Josh Tobias began his career learning guitar from his father Toby Tobias, a world-traveling professional musician. While living in Brooklyn through his early 20s, Josh balanced his time creating music and working as a social worker making the music schedule for a home that housed mentally handicapped people. In 2015 Josh launched onto the indie scene with single "Beachside Lover," a funk-infused retro RnB record that has accumulated millions of total plays. His latest single Follow the River is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.