We've covered Jordan before; his music is exuberant, rhythmic, and blessed with touches of soul and indie-pop, as well as a hint of melancholy. Lyrically he is able to pinpoint the essence of both inner turmoil and outward affection, combining a sense of emotional realism with a powerful vocal delivery.

Parachutes, his latest single, explores the moment when we reach the breaking point in a relationship, and we are looking for an exit strategy. The vision is as clear as the pain itself: when two people are wrong for each other, the downward spiral can be so subtle that we don't notice until we hit bottom. And once we are spiritually empty, it is hard to find the energy to escape. Jordan Mackampa delivers another masterpiece of romantic deconstruction, as we confront the realization that sometimes we must jump without knowing where to land.

Scratch through the surface
And we’re all imperfect
But there’s something about you
That tightens the noose

Parachutes comes from Mackampa's latest album 'Foreigner.' This song is featured on our Roots collection playlist.

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