Joel Levi spent most of his twenties in Indiana writing about his Midwestern experience, and those years would prove to be the foundation for his craft. However, it wasn’t until he and his wife moved to Nashville that an affinity for the clear storytelling of Folk music began to inform his songwriting, and his core aesthetic fell into place.

We covered a track last year from his self-titled debut EP, and Wanna Be Somebody Else is third in a string of single releases for Levi in 2019. His songs speak to a common thread that is woven into American culture, written with equal parts emotional honesty and wistful reminiscence. Wanna Be Somebody Else explores the physical and mental toll of isolation, and the all-too-common experience of feeling unfulfilled in this life. The warm baritone vocal, the acoustic guitar, and the circular chord structure all contribute to a dream state in which we pine for the destiny we once thought was possible.

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.