This post was originally published in December 2018.

We all burn out, says Jim and Sam, so be here now. The melodic duet, the simple and elegant production aesthetic, and the dark lyrical bent all contribute to a bittersweet sense of appreciating the moment.

The acoustic drums, and the folk-style guitar, and a buttery electric bass riff come together to support a minimalist sort of roots-pop, that forays into jazz-inflected territory for the chorus movements. The sense of space, and of emotional resolution, is stunning. In light of the recent fiery summer on the west coast, this statement about the sanctity and impermanence of life is apropos.

“What if all I ever wanted was to sing out on the street
In an old Italian town where every dinner is a feast
Would I be okay would that be enough
Would I look left and right, would I just feel stuck”— Jim and Sam

Los Angeles-based duo Jim and Sam will release their Nettwerk debut Yeah Whatever Young Forever on December 28th, 2018. The following weekend, they’ll join William Fitzsimmons on his “Mission Bell North American Tour 2019,” which starts Sunday, January 6th in Pittsburgh. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.