This review was originally published in July of 2018.

With a clear and unflinching vocal personality, JEEN takes a simple blues climb and harnesses the power within, adding one overdriven guitar note at a time to the fast-pulse mix. It's a commentary on the lack of any need for overthinking:

“Oh it could happen any moment
cause when the time is right and everything is golden
I will be living in the moment
two feet walking on the ocean”— JEEN.

The message here is simple: you do it your way, I'll do it mine. And with a Hendrix-style alpha mojo, like she chops mountains with her hand, JEEN both oversimplifies and makes herself the centerpiece, which is the magic of personal storytelling. This song is an overnight allegory, thick with festering wisdom and a mean guitar track.

JEEN. is an alt-rock songstress from Canada.