Jaymison's blend of indie-folk and acoustic rock pairs the fabled American dream with a spotlight on one of Hollywood's most enduring underdog stories. The angry young actor from Taxi Driver who 'found the other side' underpins a theme of scrappy stick-to-itiveness for this young, Floridian songwriter.

The simplicity of the three-piece acoustic-folk pocket supports a straight-ahead grooviness that puts Jaymison somewhere between the lazy chord-making of Tom Petty and the surfy stonerism of Jack Johnson. Robert De Niro is light but deep, and combines a sense of introspection with a commitment towards correcting old mistakes. This is the third single from Jaymison, and presents a lively and endearing window into the life and struggle of early adulthood.

Jaymison is an indie folk band from Tallahassee, Florida. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.