Electronic Folk Pop from LA. - Jayden Bartels: second

Electronic Folk Pop from LA. - Jayden Bartels: second

Jayden Bartels has been releasing singles for the past year, and her first EP 'what really matters?' is available now. The music video for her single 'second' features the summery backdrop of California cacti, reed-grass, and azure skies.

This song explores the feeling of always being placed second in the game of love, and confronts the idea that some things are just not meant to be. Fans of Los Angeles will recognize the trees and the trails of Runyon canyon; and anyone who has ever been left behind by their object of affection will relate to the message. 'second' is an honest and unspoiled look at the memories that remain when a love goes wrong, while Jayden Bartels delivers her sensitive, melodic heart on a musical plate of piano balladry and sweetly-impassioned lead vocal.

Jayden Bartels is a 14-year old singer songwriter based in Los Angeles. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.


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