Filature Recordings artist Janee drops a new track just in time for the holidays. Janee and Lunis' new single "Fall" blends Janee's orchestral and symphonic universe with Laurène's powerful voice (from the duo Lunis).

Janee is a master at blending electronic beats with the organic sound of strings, and the result here is an electro-pop burner with a big hook from the cello, while the vocal contribution from Laurène adds a gorgeous sense of melody and poise. The dynamic evolution from upbeat dance feel, to pop vocals, to instrumental interlude and back again provides a riveting musical narrative, and delivers an energetic finish that will leave you wanting more. Fall is an eclectic mix of modern influences and ebullient digi-funk from the inimitable mind of Janee.

Janee creates electronic music from his home in Belgium. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.