Sultry RnB Slow Jam from South London. - James Vickery: Turn Me On

Sultry RnB Slow Jam from South London. - James Vickery: Turn Me On

In a few short years, James Vickery has translated a distinctive voice and look, along with a series of successful single and EP releases, into record and publishing deals with LA-based TH3RD BRAIN and Roc Nation. "Turn Me On" is taken from newly-released six-track EP "Overture," his first body of work since becoming a signed artist.

"Turn Me On" is a sultry slow-jam that showcases a diverse range of inspirations for Vickery's new project, from the delicate precision of Sabrina Claudio to the sparse, roots-soul of John Mayer. James Vickery was born deaf in his left ear, and despite this significant hardship, has risen through the indie ranks to become one of Complex's British R&B/Soul Artists to watch out for in 2020. This South London native is getting ready to put out a full-length release in the new year, and wants his fans to know that this is just the beginning. His unforgettable voice and experimental approach to songwriting create a sense of anticipation with every new release. "Turn Me On," a collaboration with Sad Money, finds Vickery laying deep triplet grooves in the anticipation of romantic pleasure, as we explore the raw power of physical communion and a delicious moment of intimacy.

I'm not afraid to talk about my hearing impairment anymore, I'm proud of it, and that's why the tattoo of the mute icon behind my deaf ear is the main feature in the singles and EP artwork. It is who I am today, and a full representative of why this music is the way it is today. - JV

"Overture" also features collaborations with Kenny Beats, SG Lewis, Pomo, and Maths Time Joy. This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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