JAF 34 is a daydreamer from the Czech Republic with a love for futuristic electronic music and compelling visuals. "Light" is a massive 13-minute track, slow and ambient, in which the listener experiences 4 phases of mental purgatory.

This gorgeous music video is shot entirely in the virtual world, where we find a creative escape from contemporary reality, conceived directly from JAF 34's obsessive imagination. This progression from inner peace, to extroverted chaos, and back again, works as a metaphor for navigating the corridors of the mind. There are many added layers of symbolism: the transience of the flesh, the passing of seasons, and the abandonment of humanity itself as we turn away from the natural world, and inject our own spirit into the ether of binary illusion. The music video for "Light" is nothing short of stunning, and stands as a marker both for what we have gained, and what we have lost. In the dark netherworld of digital graphics anything is possible, yet nothing is real. This ambitious and moody project is a testament to the raw power of artistic creativity and acts as a mirror, that we might briefly catch a glimpse of our own mortality.

This song is featured on our Ambient playlist.

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