With a stripped-down electronic groove and an unapologetic flair for adventure, Jade The Moon revel in the freedom of expression that they enjoy, as they combine elements of indie pop with a personal exploration of social and romantic gawkiness. The result is a riff-heavy pop number that sparkles with the levity of a spontaneous dance-party.

Even as this Toronto-based electro-pop outfit puts words to the universal theme of being frozen in the headlights of love, we are endeared to the fun melody and the hint of swing. The syncopation and slap-back delay from the electric guitar are juxtaposed beautifully against a silky lead vocal and a sparse backbeat, while we savor a redemptive sense of self-discovery. Awkward, the latest from Jade The Moon, is a nod to the time we spend struggling with how we are seen, and a love letter to the person we feel safe with.

You always know where I am. I always get there with you.

Canadian electro-pop band Jade The Moon releases their latest single Awkward on Culvert Music. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.