This review was originally published in August of 2018.

With a big vocal mix like that, it's instantly The Lost Boys, with reverb and vampires howling through the night. The party goes on, and you wonder where the next verse is going.

The vocals are subtle, the affect is confident, and there is the vaguely orchestral skeleton living inside the drum mix. It's a well-captured moment of lust between the candy synth, the string notes, and a slap-back snare. Most of all, it feels sneaky, like an aside from Iago:

“Realize nobody wants you
when you find yourself just chasing time
take me back to California
where I know it’s going to be all right”— Jack Drag

Love is mind control by another name.

The first single from forthcoming Jack Drag full length LP "2018", featuring friends Aimee Mann & Dylan Gardner. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.