Nashville Funk. - Listen to J. Human: Nameless

The funkiest song you will hear today, guaranteed.

Nashville Funk. - Listen to J. Human: Nameless

The first thing this fun new drop from J. Human reminds me of is Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars - it has a similar slinky groove, that massive bass-line and busy strum feel, and a fantastic vocal track. Nameless is a true party song, bringing together a dramatic narrative with the zen-focus of bouncing a backbeat off of that 4-on-the-floor.

While Nameless was written as a way to help others embrace what makes them different, at the core of this track lies the groove - a sticky, bubbly thing, just pure, Morris Day-style funk. We have a comp-riff on the electric piano, and a bass-line that's on fire; this song could put your grandparents on the dance floor. But the message runs a bit deeper than just making your body move: just be yourself. That sense of walking into a situation where you don’t really belong, but owning it anyway, can be the key to unlocking a new future for yourself. Go ahead - be nameless.

We could just ride, because there ain't no lines on the subway

J. Human, real name Joel Heumann, is a Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist and producer. This track was co-produced with Luke Arens. Heumann has also written tracks for Alyson Stoner, Lenay Chantelle, and Ha Dong-kyun.

This song is featured on our Deep Dance playlist.


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