Soul-pop artist Irma is one of France's biggest success stories, who quickly went from playing acoustic covers in her bedroom as a teenager to becoming a highly accomplished producer, singer-songwriter, and online sensation. She makes her UK debut with the release of luscious new single "Venom Of Angels," a celebration of female desire punctuated with retro feels and a modern production vibe.

Beginning with an acoustic guitar track and Irma's signature ardent vocal, this track quickly incorporates a sonic aesthetic that breathes classic soul, with a heart lain bare, a slow triplet feel on the piano, and buttery doo-wop vocals. The music video features Irma submerged in pink water: part Aphrodite, part Lady of the Lake, delivering a sensual experience of gorgeous melody and pastel-colored groove. With her music, Irma pays respect to the great names of Soul - artists like Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, and Mavis Staples, just to name a few - while also building a legacy for herself that incorporates electronic elements and an eclectic sense of style. The result is a unique flavor of pop that joins passionate emotion with an effortless cool and a humble heart. A recent deal with Universal Republic will soon bring her music to the US market for the first time, and her next full-length release "The Dawn," out later this year, is sure to ignite a new chapter in her rise to worldwide fame.

Born Irma Pany in Bangangte, Cameroon, Irma grew up in Douala where she began playing classical piano at seven years-old. She moved to Paris to finish her musical studies, and her career quickly blossomed. This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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