Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Bean (aka Sneaky Bones) explains, the title of his new album Strangers I’ve Already Met stems from his theory of familiarity and simulation. In the process of tracking the common threads that tie us together as humans, we quickly see that there is a vague, intangible connection between everyone sharing life in this world.

Bean retraces the roots of folk, country, and rock, while adding his own mojo along the way. In doing so, he invents a groovy space for himself, combining a heavy pick sound on the electric bass with a swing feel on the acoustic drums and a laid-back vibe from the lead vocals. Sore Eyes, the latest from Seattle’s Sneaky Bones, is a funky reminder that sometimes all you need to do is slow down.

Wondering where I wanna end up when this all ends.

Washington-based folk artist Matthew Bean releases his 3rd EP. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.