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Polish Folk Duo. - Hunter and the Park: Stormy Days

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
Polish Folk Duo. - Hunter and the Park: Stormy Days

The story of this performance is one of spontaneity - it was recorded in an abandoned greenhouse, in a race against the setting sun. This duo thought it was a perfect folk setting so they strapped their phones onto the construction and made the most of the fading light.

The moment that is captured here is the famous golden hour, when the light filters through the atmosphere just so, and everywhere the colors soften. The performance is simple, and beautiful - with just an acoustic guitar, light sticks on the snare drum, and a single lead vocal.  Stormy Days is informed by the loneliness of the location itself, as if the wild flowers that had taken over were yearning for companionship. Hunter and the Park deliver a wonderful performance with stylistic hints of Nick Drake, exploring the feelings of confusion and anxiety that can come from a long-distance relationship.

Hunter and the Park is a folk duo from Poland, currently based in Germany.