Hundreds has earned a reputation as one of Germany’s most successful indie acts, and they are releasing a new single "Body of Water" ahead of their 4th album "The Current," due out later this year. According to lead singer Eva Milner, this electro-pop track came together as "an ode to the spirits of the water and its power," in a co-write with Berlin-based, Irish songwriter Wallis Bird.

Eva often turns to images of nature for artistic inspiration, and in "Body of Water," she reflects on the sense of peace that comes from the sea. Eva and Philipp Milner spent their early years growing up in Lohr Am Main, a small town in the German region of Spessart. "Our childhood memories are filled with days of running around," she explains, "being creators in the wilderness. Nature is like a relative to us."

Their enduring success as electronic pop innovators stems from a combination of Philipp’s painstaking attention to detail and sleek production skills, along with the beauty of Eva’s dazzling melodies. "Body of Water" is a rhythmic and wistful exploration of the synergy between personal introspection and the natural world. The release of "The Current" later this year will be the most pop-forward effort so far for Hundreds, and marks their evolution from disciples of The Knife, Thom Yorke, Grizzly Bear, and St. Vincent, into pioneers of their own, unique electronic aesthetic.

How can you be so kind?
You know my song by heart
I hear it in the waves

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