London Electro Pop. - Hugh: Sober

This electro-pop slow-burn will reacquaint you with the importance of making good choices.

London Electro Pop. - Hugh: Sober

With a nod to downtempo and a lead vocal duet that feels both natural and mysterious, Hugh returns with their haunting new single, Sober. It features a theme of introspection, engaging that moment where the mind is clear of distractions.

This song features a delicious meeting of retro-future groove with the gravity of self-possession, and that feeling that we have more power than we give ourselves credit for. The vocals leave us with the raw stuff of deliberation, creating a moody brew of kick-drum, percussion, and determinism. Sober marks a strong comeback for this eclectic production-duo since their 2015 hit Learn to Fall and a follow-up album in 2017 called Love, Hugh.

I know you got the words to make me stay
A palace of persuasions; a solemn promise you will change

This electro-pop slow-burn from Hugh will reacquaint you with the importance of making good choices.

UPDATE: We made a lyric video to this track for our video channel.

Hugh is Andy Highmore, Joshua Idehen, Martin Kolarides and friends - this song features vocals from Amaroun. This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.


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