Homme de Fleurs’ understated production centers on themes of transition, loss, and love. The simple roots groove leaves plenty of room for the mesmerizing duet between vocalists Jason Zerbin and Emmalee Madden, and we are left with a stylistic signature that might remind you of Bon Iver.

A beautiful trinity between boomy drums, acoustic guitar, and a musty combo organ lifts up the mix, while we visit with a lyrical attempt at reconciling the chaos of the world with the stillness in our hearts. Contact, the latest from Homme de Fleurs, is a beautiful and honest attempt at piercing the veil between docility and freedom: it is a masterpiece of poetic statement, palpable melancholy, and cosmic truth.

It must be stylish to want to be good

Homme de Fleurs is an alt-folk project by Canadian artist and producer Jason Zerbin. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.