Nothing refracts light quite like music does. Even in the darkest of times, melodies change moods, and harmonies lift hearts.

Hollow Coves share their honest outlook on life with an eloquent, engaging, and entrancing take on indie folk. Their debut EP Wanderlust has reached nearly 200 million streams since 2014, and paved the way for this talented duo to sign with Nettwerk Records. Their full-length debut, Moments will be out October 18.

Initially conceived in Brisbane and finished in Europe, the lead single When We Were Young pairs a soft beat and lush acoustic guitar with reflective lyrics, and a warm, pensive nostalgia. The Brisbane duo of Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins provide a peaceful and melodic space with their music that has helped many in their native Australia and around the world to handle difficult times. Only a few years ago, Matt and Ryan decided to ditch their day jobs—as a carpenter and civil engineer, respectively.

Now, these two young men are looking to engage their growing fanbase by offering a continued access to their unique language of the soul, written with heartbreak and redemption, and a sort of wisdom that is grateful for all of the little things.

Preview their lead single When We Were Young below.

This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

photo credit: Nick G