Instrumental Acoustic Piano. - Henrik von Euler: F-dur

A tender visitation with the spiritual power of acoustic piano coupled with ambient electronica.

Instrumental Acoustic Piano. - Henrik von Euler: F-dur

he luscious croon here may remind you of James Taylor, along with the folk-style guitar, and a soul-inspired feel to the duet harmony. The result is an achingly sweet exposition of the pure sense of wonder that a new love can bring, coupled with the grim retrospection of a relationship-gone-wrong.

Behind the gorgeous vocal delivery, the bittersweet truth that informs the lyrical journey here is that nothing is forever. When we grasp at life, we find naught but an empty fist.

The birds they sing inside my head, but I cannot put their tune to pen

So the secret must be in the acceptance: that life is fleeting, that mistakes will be made, but we won’t know them as such until it is too late for that knowledge to make much of a difference. What Kind of Love is That, the latest from Noah Derksen, is an endearing roots-infused melancholy, dedicated to the hard lessons about life that we learn from love itself.

Noah Derksen is an American citizen born and raised in the heart of the Canadian prairies. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.


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