Brisbane Indie Pop. - Hazlett: Suncats

Everything can be beautiful. It's just that sometimes, you have to wait.

Brisbane Indie Pop. - Hazlett: Suncats

HAZLETT builds momentum towards a forthcoming EP with a new single 'Suncats', released via BLNK Music. A self-proclaimed over-thinker and his own therapist, Hazlett writes music that manages to find beauty in the banalities of modern life.

With a notable past touring and ghost-writing for other artists, Hazlett is following up on his introspective single Fireworks, with a lyrical theme that is dedicated to the whole experience of life: the setbacks, the hard stops, the unexpected surprises. It all figures in to the wisdom that we are left with. Hazlett, with his latest single, pulls an electric guitar and a light drum shuffle together with a simple premise: everything can be beautiful. It's just that sometimes, you just have to wait.

Just don't go thinking it's a waste of time

Hazlett is a musical artist from Brisbane, Australia. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist. This song will be featured in episode 2 of our podcast, so we made a lyric video using our new favorite thing, Superstring, for those that are interested in the video feed.


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