Brisbane Singer-Songwriter. - Hazlett: Fireworks

Emotional honesty that rings true as a self-affirmation: whoever I am, I am now.

Brisbane Singer-Songwriter. - Hazlett: Fireworks

Fireworks, the latest from Brisbane’s Hazlett, is a dreamy exploration of the wisdom that comes from pain, a ceremonial self-sacrifice on the altar of circumstance. Maybe the only mistake we ever make is to fail to choose something, and it is merely by our own lack of agency that we fall into the cycle of cynicism.

The journey itself is the destination; without knowledge of that simple truth, we are dismissed by the moment to live ethereally in the future.

We could rise forever, but it won't matter

It is a majestic sense of energy here that passes between the wide-open space of the introspective verses and the heightened thrill of the chorus melody, in order to mix a type of zen spirituality with the rugged stoicism of perpetual loneliness. Our brains teach us to live for tomorrow; our hearts teach us to be here now. Which is right?

Praying for a change to come, all my life

Fireworks joins a wistful and melodic vocal-style with raw and emotional honesty that rings true as a self-affirmation: whoever I am, I am now.

Because that is all there is.

Hazlett's latest FIREWORKS is a brutally honest attempt to portray his transition from 'my life is a mess' to 'everything happens for a reason'. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.


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