Hayes Peebles - I'll Be Fine

I'll Be Fine gives you the countrified tools you need to live a contented life.

Hayes Peebles - I'll Be Fine

There’s the requisite electric guitar fuzz, the warm walking bass tones, and the ever-present acoustic guitar that have become the mark of Americana, as well as a lively snare-march full of ghost notes. Along with the buttery lead vocal, you might get the feeling of an ordered stroll through the nexus of life, with Peebles as your honey-toned guide.

It’s one of those moments where you look around and get on with it; crucial to that decision, is a seed of self-determination:

“So tell me softly and tell me slowly,
that you don’t want me.
And I’ll be fine.
I used to need the pretty things
that lend themselves to pretty dreams.”— Hayes Peebles

Hayes Peebles, with his new single I'll Be Fine, gives you the countrified tools you need to live a contented life; it’s your move.

Brooklyn’s Hayes Peebles was one of 10 New Country Artists you Need to Know in 2017, as curated by Rolling Stone Country. This song is featured on our Lost Treasure - Americana playlist.


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