This post was originally published in September 2018.

Giving a voice to the underfed and un-fêted reality of daily life for the youth in America today, Harlequin Gold does a a great describing the transition away from youthful drama and pique, in favor of self-definition and a sense of harsh realism. It’s all right there in the first verse:

“Breathing through the pay-cuts
all the false hopes and the faithless satellite
all these thing will take my soul
and tease me until I can’t tap out the fight”— Harlequin Gold

In this age of false dichotomy, of heightened expectation and compressed timeline, it is harder than ever to find a personal sense of what’s true. This song to me, captures perfectly that feeling of looking out at humanity, and scanning for signs; for something that matters to us. With a strong sense of melody and some poetry of everyday life, Harlequin Gold gives us a sense of what it feels like to be young right now.

Harlequin Gold is a Canadian Indie Pop Rock band that consists of the sisters Avery and Elle O’Brien. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.