Born as a creative experiment to explore the idea of writing a song that could be the bridge between Hansom Ēli's first single, and their upcoming EP, Monet is the evolution of the flow found in their debut release Soho, with a focus on both French and English styles of writing and performance. Hansom Ēli, composed of Camille and Alexy Guérer, have always found it easier to write melancholic and introspective music; on this track, they challenged themselves to write a song that would make their listeners smile.

Inspired by the art and creativity found in the Renaissance and Impressionistic eras, Hansom Ēli pay homage to a sense of understated elegance, and the music video for Monet benefits from a candid DIY style of video that Camille filmed while traveling through Europe. After their debut performance at Quai des Brumes, Montreal, in November 2018, Hansom Ēli released a set of intimate live-off-the floor recordings as the Yesterday EP. Next year, they will be releasing a new project with help from FACTOR (the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings). This brother and sister duo has already found support from stations in Canada and Europe such as CBC, Radio Canada, CISM, and Europe 1. With a fresh sound that draws from funk, pop, and RnB, the music of Hansom Ēli is full of inspiration, surprise, and distinctive melody. This song fits perfectly into a sense of Quebecois multiculturalism, as the lead vocal moves effortlessly between languages and achieves a beautiful sense of stylistic poise - you've never heard anything quite like it.

Je croyais avoir sommeil
Je te vois au réveil

This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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