Haley Sullivan is a singer, influencer and YouTube creator who first went viral covering her favorite songs by Ariana Grande. Now distributed and published by Create Music Group, she is continuing to make her mark in the indie pop space with a new single that showcases her fresh vocal talent and natural instinct for smart collaborations.

"Opinion" was co-produced & co-written by Maejor, who received a Grammy nomination for his work on the notorious Justin Bieber "Purpose" album. Widely controversial internet star Tana Mongeau is also featured in this music video, who is seen driving the car while Haley rides shotgun. In the life of a young pop star, a year is a long time: Haley has come a long way from her break-out music video for "Best of Me" - she is more experienced, and even more dedicated to her craft. Here, her vocal performance shines with a showcase of some of the tricks she learned from singing her own versions of hits by Ariana Grande. Effortless vocal embellishment, and the leveraging of a diverse set of electronic pop styles, continue to show her evolution from apprentice to master in the fast-paced world of pop stardom.

This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.

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