The world is ready for this message: with a few chords on the acoustic guitar, some honest emotion, and a gorgeous duet, I'm Not Your Enemy is a song with a straight theme of love and redemption. It seems obvious, sometimes only in retrospect, that there is always a way to be kinder, and a little more generous, with every day we are lucky enough to live.

This beautiful melody will lure you in, like a hummingbird to the nectar, and replenish your sense of hope. It was never about fighting against something, at least not in total; there is a component that needs to awaken inside each heart, one at a time.

I’m not your enemy, only love can save us now

If we can harness the doubt, and the fear, and channel it into something redemptive, anything is possible. So much modern energy is spent stoking the fires of hatred, and separation; this gorgeous folk-pop single from Greg Holden shines a poignant spotlight on a powerful idea, which is that healing the world starts with forgiveness, and nothing else. And that means you and me.

Greg Holden recorded this song at his home studio in Los Angeles, and wrote it with one of his best friends, the incomparable singer-songwriter Garrison Starr. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.