Louder is a song about acceptance. We all make mistakes every day; some big and some small. Sometimes we hurt ourselves, and sometimes we hurt those who mean the most to us.

Grace Gaustad, with her new single Louder, brings her brutal honesty as an offer of hope in a time of turmoil. Her message is one of pragmatism: instead of glorying the darkest parts of an artistic life, she is driven by her passion for finding solutions. Clearly, her rising stardom on Instagram and major streaming platforms is a sign that there are many listeners around the world that hunger for her candid and disarming ability for building instant connection.

Just weeks after graduating high school and on the cusp of major life change as she moves from New York to Los Angeles, Grace Gaustad embraces transition with the release of her first EP Human, the album that defines her as an authentic and vulnerable voice for this generation of post-Millenials.

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.