Edgy Alternative Hip Hop from London. - GR3YWXLF: Villainy

Edgy Alternative Hip Hop from London. - GR3YWXLF: Villainy

We have covered the music of GR3YWXLF before - he is an alternative hip hop artist and small-time supervillain hailing from the UK. GR3YWXLF has forged his own sound that shines beyond the current London soundscape, with a solid sense of groove and a laser-like sense of lyrical precision.

"Villainy" is a swift and potent dose of free expression that examines the redemptive narrative of hardship, as we understand the flow between difficult circumstance and necessary self-improvement. As we run the gauntlet of life experience we are forced to make personal sacrifices; what we do with that hard-earned catharsis is up to us. GR3YWXLF delivers a deep vocal flow over a gritty, jazz-flavored guitar hook and some introspective beats, as he finds his path on the bleeding edge of redemptive self-exploration.

Purple rain purple rain self disdain is all I knew
Kept me alive until I found my point of view
then lost the plot cause there was nothing else to do

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