With a rock-strum that might remind you of Tom Petty, the straight groove and classic four-piece band-sound from Good Will Remedy will give you that instant homey feeling - like jamming on your neighbor’s porch. Alongside a hummable hook, Caroline offers a jangly visitation with the final moments of a relationship, figuring out the best way to make an exit.

The bittersweet moment is not lost, and with every ending there is the possibility of regret.

Am I wasting my time on sweet-talking wine

In the end, we can go over the details only so many times. Caroline, the latest from Brisbane’s Good Will Remedy, discovers a way to celebrate the fact that things don’t always work out.

With a long history in the local and national music scene Good Will Remedy are an Americana band that showcases strong songwriting and performance-craft along with a touch of honest, southern-fried heart. This song is featured on our Country playlist.