Bailey Cooke is a singer and songwriter from Brooklyn, NY, with a 7-track mixtape called Lazarus that is set for a summer release under the name GOLDEN. After getting burned up a bit for staying in the sun too long, she was reminded of her past, and invented "Sunburn" as a metaphor for the process of dealing with aspects of our personal lives that can't be changed.

"Sunburn" is the 3rd single from her debut mixtape, and pairs the delicate sound of a Wurlitzer piano with smooth beats and a wistful vocal delivery. GOLDEN's style of writing features hints of melancholy fused with a hopeful sense that through pain, we find art. With help from Carter Lang on electric guitar, Joe Visciano on drums, and Jon Wiley on electric bass, "Sunburn" delivers the much-needed resolution to a relationship that left its mark as a lesson in self-acceptance. Sometimes, the hardest thing about loving someone is finding out who they really are; nothing ever really changes. Sunrise, sunset, just try not to get burned.

I've got a sunburn on my back
Feels like it's burning up my past
I can't deny that I, ever been on my own
I'm too scared to die alone

"Sunburn" was produced with help from Joe Visciano, engineered by Vira Byramji, mixed by Steve Vealey, and mastered by Idania Valencia. This song is the last to be featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist for 2019.