Mixing an infectious dance feel with a tennis metaphor, flutes, and a powerful duet, Gold Spectacles drops their new single Courtside. We are enjoying the sexual chemistry and simultaneously working the cross-court forehand.

An uptempo pocket with a bit of swing that meets a funky bass line, a dreamy flute that flowers into a full woodwind brigade, and the melodic fare from these two pop-minded lead vocalists all come together to further make the compelling case for their niche-genre of baroque-pop. Courtside, the latest drop from UK production duo Gold Spectacles, is an energetic and playful dance-oriented single that captures the back-and-forth of a typical attraction.

Since releasing their debut EP Flaws and Visions, Gold Spectacles have been on a journey of self-exploration, refining their sound and voice from the confines of a modest home studio in Somerset.

This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.