Gina Livia has always wanted to be seen and heard, but not in the typical search for fame, but simply as a way of feeling accepted and understood. Her latest track "in my head" is a personal exploration of feeling left out, different, and lonely. When we are too scared to fall in love, too scared to feel anything, the only place that gives us warmth and security is the safe space inside of our own mind.

Sometimes negative thoughts can run wild, and we think there will never be a right spot, or a right time for our dreams to come true. In these moments, life is just about figuring it out, about floating and not drowning. Gina has always felt most alive when making music, and turns to her artistic process for making sense of the struggle to find meaning in a difficult world. With "in my head," she confronts her own tendency towards isolation, and gives both hope and substance to the idea that things always get better with time. This melodic exploration of emotional vulnerability combines elements of electro-pop with acoustic guitar and percussion, while featuring a sultry vocal performance from Gina Livia that will resonate with fans of Chelsea Cutler.

Where in this world am I supposed to be
It’s what I’m scared of in most of my dreams

"in my head" was written and recorded by Gina Livia and produced by the wonderful Tez Cadey. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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