With a delicate falsetto over the chorus and a soft, breathy verse backed by some jazz chords on electric guitar, Gina Brooklyn creates a dreamy space for her mind to wander. For a moment, she engages the fantasy of true love, and how even the fancy of it can be comforting.

We find a gentle groove and a very inviting premise: maybe everything we need is right here. Brooklyn paints the compelling picture of real chemistry, and the power it has to transform reality. Now, more than ever, in a world that feels dangerous, and unkind, the idea of unleashing oneself into the warmth of genuine companionship is an attractive one.

We could be a couple of losers wasting time, to me that sounds fine

Losers, the latest from Gina Brooklyn, is her third single release this year. It is a gorgeous homage to the power of romantic imagination, and provides further proof that this young and talented performer is one to watch.

Let’s take the time to go through all the things that could be true about you and me

Gina Brooklyn is signed to InGrooves Music Group, a division of UMG. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.