Only In Retrospect is the lead single from the Getaway Dogs release 'Belong,' and it featured flavors of psychedelic dream-surf and a folk-style acoustic guitar. To convey the concept of time as nonlinear it begins with the hum of an analog delay, while a shaker and cross-stick percussion builds into a full kit, only to recede again into self-reflection.

Breathy vocals, casual lyricism, and a sense of stillness come together to inform this even-handed groove that feels like pendulum, swinging back and forth. The added elements of delicately-placed melody and oscillating effect only add to the drug-like sense of comfort. Only in Retrospect, the latest from Getaway Dogs, is a beautiful, acoustic moment spent cozying up to the peaceful essence of life. We'd love to see them on tour with fellow left-coasters Burning Pictures.

all will distill and dilute
into its eternal essence

Getaway Dogs is a psych-folk band from Santa Cruz, CA. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.