A night scene full of light and sound sets the perfect backdrop for this energetic soul-funk number from Mexico. The musicianship is tight, the party is on, and the moment is now. Go for it.

The classic trappings of soul inform the arrangement here with breaks to bring in the verse, a prominent 8th-note shuffle, and a style of harmony from the backup singers that might remind you of Ray Charles. Retro-soul revivalism is hot right now, and it is not hard to see why; sometimes you just want to celebrate the moment with a simple ode to human attraction.

Colibrí, the latest from Georgel, brings together an elegant evening bathed in electric glow, with a one-of-a-kind soul performance, and the fantasy of a perfect moment in the spotlight where everyone is beautiful, and they’re all looking at you.

Grammy-winning producer Sebastian Krys + iconic musicians Korey Riker, Jeff Babko, Lee Levin join with Georgel's writing and vocals, to create Colibrí, a Funk-Soul explosion. This song is featured on our Country playlist.