Brass Band Neo Soul from Amsterdam. - Gallowstreet x LYMA: Sativa (Music Video)

Brass Band Neo Soul from Amsterdam. - Gallowstreet x LYMA: Sativa (Music Video)

"Our Dear Metropolis" is the third album by Amsterdam-based brass band Gallowstreet. This performance combines acoustic drums with soul-inspired vocals and the sweet sound of live horns, complete with a Sousaphone bass-groove that brings to mind images of celebration in the streets of New Orleans.

On stage, the music of Gallowstreet delivers an infectious vibe that sparks pure joy and excitement in their audiences. Recorded at The Birdhouse studio in Haarlem, this stunning version of their track "Sativa" stays close to the studio take, powered by a large array of brass and reed instruments, and featuring slick vocals from fellow Amsterdam-based polymath LYMA. Gallowstreet is proud to transpose the sounds of their home city into a spotlight on various facets of modern city-life. "Sativa" explores the complicated relationship between Amsterdam and cannabis, and doubles as both a love-letter to chemical relaxation and a caution against a lack of control. This laid-back exploration of indie jazz and neo soul is perfect for a lazy afternoon of soul-searching.

You control my time the way nobody can
you can lift me high when I'm feeling low
Make me forget that I had somewhere to go

The cover for this release was made by Joost Swarte, an artist who is well known for making intricate pieces on life in the big city for the New Yorker. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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